Farmland Investment:

Colvin & Co.'s clients are able to make an investment in a portfolio of agricultural land while becoming educated about their property through an extensive due diligence and management process. Colvin & Co. listens to what their client's needs are for an investment in farmland and sources acquisitions that fit the specifics of the client, while using a value oriented purchase strategy. 

Colvin & Co.'s acquisition process includes:

  • Analyzing the agricultural fundamentals of potential farmland acquisitions including, soil quality, productivity, crop potential and yields, crop off-takes, irrigation, drainage, accessibility, and farmability.
  • Evaluating potential leasing and operating opportunities, including historical rental rates, average rental rates in the local area, and future cash rent and crop sharing leasing rates.
  • Exploring additional revenue opportunities including development, alternative energy, mineral rights, and government conservation programs.
  • A business plan upon completion of the analysis of the farmland.

Farmland investment services by Colvin & Co. will add value and maximize return on investment by working with the operator to maximize productivity, while maintain the integrity of the property. Colvin & Co. will help select a progressive operator that will implement a sustainable farming plan, while maximizing annual  income and productivity.

Colvin & Co.'s management service includes:

  • Providing advice on farm plans, field arrangement, crop rotations, soil treatment, irrigation, drainage maintenance and additions, erosion control, and rehabilitation and maintenance of improvements.
  • The supervision and carrying out of the plan of operation, the work of the tenants or operators, and advising them regularly in regard to conservation and other practices adapted to the farm.
  • The administration of the lease and advice on renewals or extensions of same.
  • Updates on the progress of the work on the farm.
  • Management of contracts with the United States Department of Agriculture for crop control, crops raised, and conservation programs.

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