Everyone has to eat to survive. The production of almost all food can be traced back to farmland in some way. Demand is growing for farmland as the world's population and global needs for food are rising. The supply of farmland is not changing, thus creating a severe imbalance in the supply of farmable land and demand for food. The world's population is expected to grow from 7 billion to over 9 billion by 2050. Over the same time period, food production must double. Global grain supplies are already at record low levels. If the US stopped producing corn, it would run out in less than 30 days and set off a domino effect that would bring the world to its knees.

How can one capitalize on the increased global protein consumption and demand for food? Farmland will provide a steady stream of income and capital gains due to the increasing global demand for agricultural commodities and limited supply of global arable land. The Investors' Guide to Farmland will guide you through the rational for investment in farmland, understanding the characteristic of farmland, and why it should become part of your portfolio.

Investors' Guide to Farmland